Hunter Biden Asks Judge For Reduction In Child Support Obligations

Hunter Biden has apparently run low on Ukrainian and Chinese foreign income and business deals proceeds, and his art career seems to be stalled out, as he has cited his financial condition to petition a court in Arkansas to reduce his child support payments to a woman living there.

Biden has reportedly filed for the reduction based on allegations that he has had a “substantial and material change in his financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income.”

Biden has an ongoing child support obligation to Lunden Roberts, a former stripper who is the mother and custodial parent of Biden’s child born out of wedlock. Hunter Biden is 52 and Roberts is 31. Their child is now four years old. Reportedly, neither Hunter Biden nor his parents have ever met the child fathered with Roberts.

Biden initially denied he could be the child’s father, as he claimed he never had sexual relations with Roberts. He later reached an out-of-court settlement with her after an ordered DNA test established paternity.

Brent Langdon is a Texas attorney who filed the request for a reduction on Biden’s behalf. He said that a 2020 change in the Arkansas child support guidelines provides a legal basis for the petition.

Attorney Clint Lancaster represents Roberts and said that Biden’s request is “going to require us to look deeply, more deeply, into Hunter’s finances.” He said he intends to take Biden’s deposition about his financial circumstances and added that he will bring a “forensic accountant to the deposition, unless the judge tells me I can’t.”

Lancaster added that he will demand that Biden travel to Arkansas to give his deposition since that is where he filed his request for a reduction. “Unless he’s going to pay me to fly to California to take his deposition, he’s going to have to come to Arkansas,” Lancaster said.

As part of his application for a reduction in child support, Biden reportedly submitted a sworn affidavit that says he is “unemployed and has had no monthly income since May 2019.” He also testified in the affidavit that he has “significant debts.”

Even though he claims he has had “no monthly income” in more than three years, the Daily Wire reported that Biden is now living in a “$12,000-per-month Los Angeles rental with a swimming pool and a Porsche Panamera in the driveway.”