Huge And Hilarious If True: Kamala Harris Reportedly Goes Off On Joe Biden, Says ‘You Will Not Pin This Shit On Me!’

So the blame game starts. As the US troops withdraw from Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover follows, the White House is stuck in an endless loop of criticism from the political allies and opposition. In light of the recent events in Kabul, the military occupation by the Taliban, the hasty evacuation of the US Embassy, and the 10,000 US citizens left behind. The whole administration did not have a solid plan to initiate the withdrawal, resulting in disgraceful failure for Biden.

As Biden hustles for his face-saving after an embarrassing speech made by him in Afghanistan, he rushes to find a lamb to sacrifice. Still, the Vice President has pulled all her strings out of the situation and has refused to take any blame. It was informed to Kyle Becker of Becker News through a source that Kamala Harris declined to be a part of an address to be held on Sunday to address the American people about the Taliban occupation of the capital city of Kabul. According to the source, Harris reportedly screamed, “They will not pin this shit on me.” A similar report was provided to other news reporters as well regarding the happenings inside the White House.

If true, it might be that the White House is falling into chaos, and everyone is turning towards others for face-saving. Kamala had stated previously that she was one of the last people in the room when Biden decided to move forward with the US troop’s withdrawal and that she played a crucial role in the retreat. But now, they are all running in the opposite directions. Inevitably, the whole administration hanging by a thread will drown in the same ship.