How Humiliating! During A Fiery Monologue, Australia’s Media Takes A Blowtorch To Biden

“Biden is utterly unfit to be the president of the United States, and it blows my mind how world leaders like Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson suck up to such an intellectually bereft individual.” Those words came from Alan Jones, a Sky News Australia host.
Sky News Australia has been vocal about President Joe Biden’s incompetence long before the withdrawal from Afghanistan and even got a 7-day ban from Youtube for Covid-19 misinformation.

It is always good to go outside the United States news media for reliable information about US news coverage. Over the 2020 election cycle, CNN and other leftist mainstream media platforms did a terrible job at being unbiased. They hid detrimental information about Biden but threw former President Donald Trump under the bus every chance they got. Remember hearing about Hunter Biden’s laptop and tax fraud? I don’t either. Twitter deleted the information from the New York Post, and only conservative media reported about it. Still, the leftist media platforms blasted Trump by calling him a racist and Covid denier, whatever that means. Trump just started the vaccine research. Don’t forget history.

Biden hasn’t been faring well with the media at all, and it seems that CNN and others are taking their opportunity to appear more unbiased, but we all know that that’s not true.

Jones blasted Biden about the Afghan’s and the United States citizens that have been left behind. “This is all due to the weak political leadership of the West,” Jones said. Jones wasn’t only talking about the presidency. He’s talking about every weak politician that won’t stand up for themselves or the people they represent. No rule in politics says you have to make friends with your fellow politicians. Your role as an elected person is to represent the people who elected you, something we rarely see in the United States. What we’re seeing are politicians that follow political trends and do what they’re told. That’s not enough. America has to hold its politicians accountable because the rest of the world sure is.

Jones ended with, “leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.” Though Biden said that he takes responsibility for his actions, he doesn’t have a shortage of excuses for why it went wrong.

Modern-day politics is only a numbers game. Poll numbers guide politicians on what they should talk about and how they should maneuver around their voting base. When poll numbers start to drop, they change their narrative to gain support. Money is also a driving factor in their decisions and policies. It’s a disgusting game of cat and mouse and whoever has the most money wins.