How Come Quebec-Educated Kamala Harris Failed To Communicate In French?

Kamala Harris’ failure to communicate in French at a French shop in Paris was the stuff of nightmares for many Americans, but it turns out she should know more than a few phrases in the language. American Thinker Editor Thomas Lifson brought this out when asked why she didn’t speak French.

Kamala Harris was born in the United States, although her mother worked as a cancer researcher in Montreal, Canada, where she grew up. A law requiring the French language was passed in Quebec in 1977, just around she arrived. Despite the legislation, she does not appear to have learned any French. Harris went to a French-language elementary and secondary school before enrolling at McGill University.

There’s a newspaper story from her campaign, in which she claims to know French, which appears to be an exaggeration. “I was pleased to come home to California,” Harris tells Newsround, “While my sister Maya and I made excellent friends.”

She might have used interpreters to hide her ignorance, but she insisted on speaking in English. Given that polite people typically strive to interact with locals in their native language, it’s a bit irritating. French isn’t the most difficult language to learn, either.

Moreover, a four-year immersion in a foreign language is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Despite this, she did not learn it. She is now going to Paris and is unable to communicate. Because she never acquired the actual French language, her French was effectively a Pepe Le Pew French accent in English, which was particularly irritating.

It fits with her mediocre academic record and her ascension to the top by courting influential men. It’s no surprise that the French mostly disregarded her visit. She should have communicated in basic French.