House Democrats Are Using Build Back Better Bill For An ‘Immigration Reform’ Provision

The Build Back Better bill was promising something for everyone in America. It has been claimed to fund daycare, senior medical care, and climate care, for which tens of billions of dollars have been allocated. But we don’t have any doubts about the fact that the democrats care about all those things. It is all an attempt to get the bill passed. It has already been seen that the administration does not care much about the immigration law or the integrity of the borders, for that matter. But, an immigration bill has been sneaked into the Build Back Better bill that ensures 6.5 million people who have been living in the United States since before 2011, illegally, work authorization for up to 10 years.

A process known as parole will be used to legalize illegal now. This process used for individual families previously will now benefit millions. According to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), about 6.5 million people will stand to benefit from the measure directly. On the other hand, nearly 5 million people are outside the United States waiting to get a legal green card. These people now look like chumps for not sneaking over the border like those illegals who finally got their chance at authorization at the hands of a dumb democrat like Biden.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus was behind the idea of the inclusion of immigrants in the Build Back Better Act. They want to have the long-term work permits and protections for the seven million hard-working immigrant essential workers included in the bill. It would help prevent the separations of the families, stabilize the workforce, boost the economy and create jobs.

Including immigration reform would be good if it ensures that the people enter the country through legal systems and not by jumping ahead of the line for those waiting for the green cards and jumping over the border.