Hillary Clinton’s Comeback Speech Is Full Of “Deception, Deflection And Delusion”

Hillary’s campaign paid for the Steele dossier, which was used to attack Donald Trump, and then sought to damage him again with the flawed Alfa-Bank claim. In the Durham Investigation, people have seen how her campaign allegedly hired someone to check DNS lookups of servers, including Trump Tower and the White House, to dig up information on him.

Despite this, she turned up at the New York State Democratic Convention to make what some dubbed her “comeback address.” She used it as a platform to blame others, particularly Trump and other Republicans, for the accusations leveled against her.

Moreover, as she delivered her much-maligned address at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, it’s a miracle Hillary Clinton’s tongue didn’t catch fire or snap off her roller. It’s one thing to disagree about politics. As Hillary Clinton put it, following Donald Trump’s victory in last year’s presidential election, it’s another thing entirely to lose a shared sense of truth, facts, and reality itself. She commented at the time, “She knew many of them thought that maybe, just maybe, the lunacy would break.”

Hillary Clinton lost her presidential campaign, but she still refuses to acknowledge being defeated somewhat. Republicans, she claimed, were attempting to legitimize violence and overturn an election. Republicans aren’t “normalizing” violence. What she’s accused of doing is unprecedented in human history.

“They must reject the huge deception about the 2020 election and the cover-up of the January 6 insurgency,” Clinton said. Whether it’s the newest culture war bullshit or some new right-wing falsehood on Fox or Facebook, he says they can’t be sidetracked. According to Clinton, as they may have observed, they’ve been after her again recently. It’s amusing how the more problems Trump gets into, the more bizarre the conspiracy theories about her become.

The Durham Investigation, the formal charges, and the documents in which the Clinton campaign strategy is spelled out and claimed were supposed to focus on Clinton’s address. But it seems like she’s reverting to her “vast right-wing conspiracy” justification from so long ago. Wasn’t it merely about a division that she was talking about? She’s slamming Fox watchers here. She couldn’t even get through the speech without becoming the polarizing figure she’s been for decades.

“Hey, look, let’s turn to her again,” this was meant to be the speech that would get everyone talking about her again. But it just served to demonstrate how deluded she is and how she still can’t believe that President Donald Trump defeated her. It demonstrated that she is still the unlikable person she has always been, even in this address.