Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Free Speech Rant is Very Revealing

As Democrats sense themselves losing popularity and control over the lives of Americans, they’re resorting to censorship in order to regain control.

Months ago, the White House itself called for Spotify to “do more” to censor podcaster Joe Rogan. All of this happened simply because Rogan had guests on his podcast that dared to make statements about COVID vaccines that leftists didn’t like.

Then, just a few days ago, former President Obama spoke at Stanford University, openly railing against First Amendment rights. Obama claimed that free speech isn’t applicable to social media platforms.

He also went on to argue that simply moderating certain content online isn’t enough.

As horrible as all of this is, it gets even worse. According to Twitchy, two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has now come out with her two cents about why free speech needs to be cracked down on.

Reviewing Clinton’s Take on Free Speech

This past Thursday, Clinton tweeted out that social media companies let “extremism” and so-called “disinformation” have a platform on their sites. Clinton then stated this has been carried out with “no accountability” before saying the EU has a plan to curb free speech rights.

Clinton’s take on free speech is right in line with the standard left-wing talking points. Democrats always claim that First Amendment rights need to be rolled back in order to save everyone from being poisoned by “disinformation.”

In truth, if Clinton, Obama, and other Democrats truly cared about ending “disinformation,” they’d be all for free speech, which allows for open debates that reveal fact from fiction. Of course, the endgame is control, not ending disinformation, which is why Democrats are doing what they’re doing.

If Democrats are able to shut down First Amendment rights, there’s no telling what their next antics will be. Every single American must remain on high alert when it comes to this war on constitutional rights.

The Irony of Clinton Railing Against “Disinformation”

As the twice-unsuccessful presidential candidate attacks so-called “disinformation,” her own ex-campaign attorney is being federally charged for misleading the FBI.

Clinton had no problem with real disinformation when it was in the works to tie former President Trump to non-existent collusion with Russia. Oddly enough, Clinton never got around to mentioning this amid her comments about the dangers of disinformation.

It’s no coincidence that Democrats’ desperation to shut down free speech rights comes as they are months away from getting steamrolled in the midterm elections.