Hillary Clinton gloats after Trump is banned on Twitter

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Shortly after President Trump was banned on Twitter on Friday, Hillary Clinton was out in force on Twitter, spending the time and effort it takes to dig up one of her years-old tweets against him in order to crow about the ban as if it were her own victory.

On Twitter, she put out this:

Hillary Clinton
Delete your account. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/740972317191352320

Her tweet is a reference to an old pre–2016 election tweet she put out, demanding that President Trump close his entire account.  “Delete your account” was her insulting demand to something then-candidate Donald Trump tweeted at the time, and among her supporters, she got a lot of applause.  Now she’s dug up that old tweet…and added a green checkmark above her retweet of her old tweet as if to say, “Mission accomplished.”

Seems the queen of BleachBit, hammer-smashed devices, missing emails, and “I don’t recall” is big on deletions, but in this case, she meant her call to President Trump to “delete” another way.  She wanted President Trump silenced and therefore always kept it close to the cockles of her heart that she told the man who would later beat her for the presidency to delete his account.

Now she’s gloating, bringing up the old tweet with her green checkmark added as if the whole thing were some kind of triumph.

See how she gloats…

It is rather a foolish thing to do, given that what’s happening on social media against President Trump pretty well is a declaration that Twitter can shut anyone else down, too.

They came after Trump, an easy target, as well as a desirable expression of their own shock-and-awe power.  The implications of it are that anyone can now be banned for nothing.

Is Twitter going to stop at Trump?  Like a ravenous monster, they’ll come after anyone who’s out of favor.  Is Clinton, who’s been the subject of leaks from Democratic operatives about how much they wish she’d go away, really all that secure in her Twitter account?  Maybe she’s not left-wing enough.  Maybe she’s not technically advanced enough (remember how she pretended to be a tech idiot by claiming that the wiping of her server might have been done with a cloth?).

It’s a sorry picture.  Someone with pretensions to statesmanship should be alarmed as hell about the capricious power of censorship now displayed by Twitter.  They came after Trump today, and now word is out that they can come after anyone tomorrow.  Even if they don’t come after her, someone so supposedly vested in the Constitution ought to be expressing alarm at the weakening of the First Amendment.

That’s not the only thing, either.  How indeed is the world picture when terrorist state sponsors like the Iranian ayatollahs are free to tweet their death-to-America ravings, or Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro his mockery of American democracy, while the leader of the free world gets shut down?  Bother her any?  Not in the least.

Hillary prefers to gloat.  She’s still bitter, probably still taking her weird walks in the woods.  Still thinking of that creepy night of thrown screams and ashtrays as her supporters waited.

Somehow, amid all of her claims about President Trump not having a presidential temperament, she was actually just channeling herself.