Hillary Clinton Committed An Assault On Democracy Last Night With Stacey Abrams And We Need Answers

Hillary Clinton’s new book, “State of Terror,” is out, and she’s promoting it with novelist Louise Penny, with whom she collaborated on the project. Stacey Abrams, who ran for governor of Georgia in 2018, joined the former Secretary of State on stage last night.

Clinton stated that she believes Stacey Abrams “really won” her 2018 election over Republican Brian Kemp, currently the Governor of Georgia. According to NBC News voting rights correspondent Jane Timm, Clinton “immediately returned to the book” following her comments.

Not shortly after dropping out of the Georgia governor’s race without formally conceding, Hillary Clinton aided Stacey Abrams in amplifying her bogus allegations of a “stolen” election. It isn’t the first time Clinton has pretended to be Georgia’s actual governor to help Abrams.

According to the reports, Hillary Clinton has disputed that her opponent, Donald Trump, conspired with the Russian government to assist him in winning the White House by stealing an election she claims she won. Last summer, Hillary Clinton advised Joe Biden not to concede the 2020 election under any circumstances. Then a week ago, she appeared on “The View” and said that “they’re still in the middle of a coordinated, well-funded attempt to destroy American democracy.”

Hillary Clinton was the genuine person who sought to sabotage the 2016 election during the campaign and even after the election. Despite the Clinton presidential campaign’s coordinated efforts with the outgoing Obama-Biden government to damage his campaign and his presidency once he was in the White House, Trump won the election.

Moreover, during a campaign event for Terry McAuliffe, Stacey Abrams claimed that she was not “entitled” to win the 2018 Virginia governor’s election, a strange assertion that McAuliffe accepted without challenge. Hillary Clinton and others have attempted to reverse the 2016 election on several occasions by attempting to impeach and remove President Trump using fabricated accusations.

The receipts are not deceiving. Suppose Hillary Clinton and her Democratic colleagues, including Stacey Abrams and Terry McAuliffe, want to claim that their party “won” elections that they lost. In that case, they should have some mirrors on hand. If they didn’t want election results to be called into doubt at such a high level, they shouldn’t have done and continue to do everything in their power to undermine legal ones.

People have a real example of a high-profile public figure on the left propagating the Democratic “Big Lie,” and they demand answers. Where is the mainstream media when it comes to this? Outside of Timm’s tweet on what Clinton said last night, there hasn’t been a single story as of this writing.