Hillary Clinton Ambushed By Reporter About Connection To Provoking Violence At Trump Rallies in 2016

In the latest Project Veritas undercover video, Hillary Clinton was ambushed about her connection to a legal defamation case surrounding a woman that was a plant at a Trump rally to incite violence.

The video, which was released on April 7, showed former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton repeatedly denying having any awareness of a legal defamation case that centered around her.

A woman named Shirley Teter sued Project Veritas for defamation in 2019, alleging that they had defamed her by claiming that she was a plant at a Trump rally in the lead-up to the 2016 election. Denying those claims, she sued the investigative outlet, and lost, despite having 6 attorneys working at her behest. Teter has since been ordered to pay for Project Veritas’ legal fees.

Alongside the allegation against Teter, Veritas had also brought forward claims that the group Democracy Partners had been the mastermind behind the organization of operatives at Trump rallies, planting them there to incite violence. Project Veritas revealed that the group had ties to the Democrat Party, and to Clinton herself.

Democracy Partners was formerly run by Bob Creamer. After Project Veritas published its investigation, Creamer resigned, stating: “I am unwilling to become a distraction to the important task of electing Hilary Clinton.”

Creamer was featured in the investigation stating that Clinton’s campaign was aware of the group’s activities “through chain of command.”

When Project Veritas reporters ambushed Clinton at an event, seeking comment from her regarding Teter being ordered to pay the organization’s legal costs, Clinton repeatedly denied knowing anything about Teter, Democracy Partners, or the group’s former President Bob Creamer.

“I don’t understand that. I don’t know Bob Creamer,” she claimed.

When pressed further on the issue, the former secretary of state refused to comment on whether she would pay for Teter’s legal bills.

U.S. District Court Judge Martin Reidinger recently overruled a decision by a court clerk to deny Project Veritas’ motion for Teter to pay legal costs, with Reidinger questioning the basis of her claim that she was supposedly “indigent” and therefore could not afford to pay.

Project Veritas also reported that the judge expressed surprise as to why a baseless lawsuit was initiated by several “pro bono” attorneys from across the country, one of whom stated, without being asked: “We’re not paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign or by the Democratic party or anything like that.”

After the bizarre outburst, Judge Reidinger said to the lawyer: “Mr. Sasser only raised more questions by his unsolicited statement specifically disclaiming that the lawsuit was being funded by the Clinton campaign or the Democratic Party.”