Here’s Why Biden Is So Desperate To Sell The Lie That His Plan Costs ‘Zero Dollars’

Even though it’s written into law and signed into law by the US House of Representatives as part of a bipartisan arrangement to prevent a government shutdown, Joe Biden is suddenly going all-in with this ludicrous claim that his $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation plan costs “zero money.”

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), the chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, is among the Democrats who have joined the narrative train. Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), as well as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Maine), have all signed on.

According to Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post, the House of Representatives will vote on a $3.5 trillion military spending plan, but it will not cost that much since it will be fully funded. “It’s a strange shorthand,” she admits and says that the actual cost will be far lower, maybe nil.

The measure is at least $3.5 trillion in cost, and even if you could find a method to pay for it, it would still be a financial burden. Increasing taxes does not make it accessible; there is still a “cost” to the taxpayers and the economy you are harming. Furthermore, if anybody believes Biden that the increased tax collections would genuinely pay for all of this, a Brooklyn bridge could be sold to them.

Joe Biden’s claim that his proposed taxes will cover his whole spending binge is false. The House Ways and Means Committee has authorized only a $2.1 trillion tax rise plan. Where will the other $1.4 trillion come from? There isn’t a single Democrat who can respond because they can’t even put together a measure that the Congressional Budget Office will accept.

Because moderates are objecting to the cost of all of this, Americans are asking more questions. Six out of ten Americans agree with Manchin that “taking a break” to think about it all was a good idea. As a result, if they can’t just ram it through and people start looking at what’s actually in it, the bill is in grave danger.