Here Is Everything That’s Wrong With The ‘Education System’ In America

A photograph depicts a child being told that his answer was incorrect because his teacher couldn’t see beyond the bounds of her answer book. Things like these convert kids into mindless drones. A child is given a fact and asked to explain how they might have eaten more pizza than their sibling, Luis. The query is designed to elicit an explanation rather than a denial. “How is this possible?” was the question, and the term “reasonableness” implied that the answer should be “that is unreasonable.”

Marty’s pizza is more prominent than Luis’ pizza. How is that possible? That is the correct response because it demonstrates a child with a flexible mind who can think outside the box. If this child is encouraged, he will be the one to create a cure for blindness, a safer automobile, better cookware, or something unique that will make the world a better place.

The essay was written by a teacher whose education included a lot of social justice and wokeness and the urgent imperative that she rigorously adhere to her teacher’s answer book. In this example, the answer book did not allow for a meaningful and accurate response from a youngster. Instead, it told the teacher to write: “That is not feasible because 5/6 is bigger than 4/6. Hence Luis ate more.”

In Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, Big Brother used 2+2=5 reasoning against Winston Smith. It tortured thinking compels children to do whatever makes the instructor pleased. If the teacher insists on people declaring that their “gender identity” varies from their “biological gender,” go ahead and do so. After all, Mom and Dad want them to do well in school.

Therefore, American children are in grave peril in schools teeming with young, mindless drones who see their kids as factory widgets rather than gorgeous, developing, endlessly adaptable creatures to be cherished and fostered. Montessori pupils consider learning a constantly fascinating period of exploration and progress. Education was tactile, practical, and constantly related to verifiable facts rather than answer books.