Hayward: 7 Major Biden Disasters In 7 Months

Joe Biden’s troubling first six months as President of the United States was predicted well before being elected. If you didn’t think this would be disastrous, you were just as asleep as Biden during his campaign. Here are just a few of Biden’s failures.

Afghanistan has turned into a warzone, and it didn’t happen overnight. The Biden administration knew that the Taliban was gaining ground, and contingency plans were ignored. The Taliban began giving the United States instructions, and the United States listened intently, and we’re following their orders. The original withdrawal date was supposed to be September 11th, 2021, but the Taliban said that August 31st, 2021 is when the U.S. military needs to be gone. Biden agreed. He backpedaled his original goal to meet the Taliban’s demands like the coward he is. So far, 14 military members have died in two days, and hundreds of Afghans were killed along with them. Two suicide bombings took place at the Kabul airport during evacuations, and ISIS K used the opportunity to take action. There were other ways the withdrawal could have been executed and contingency plans that could have been used, but they were ignored.

Covid-19 has surged worldwide for almost two years, and Biden insists on vaccination as an end game. Covid-19 vaccines aren’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, at least until “Comirnaty” was introduced. Comirnaty isn’t available yet, and the Emergency Use Authorization says that for EUA’s to exist, there can’t be an approved vaccine or medical product that solves the problem. So, Biden’s constant speeches about mandating the vaccine, which he hasn’t don’t for White House staff, is all nonsense.

Big Pharma is profiting billions of dollars off of the EUA that’s in place, and when it’s gone, the companies will be liable for injury caused by the Covid-19 vaccine. They don’t want that. They’re comfortable where they are, paying politicians millions to make sure they get what they want.

Biden also loves saying that we’re in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” but Biden doesn’t follow the science on his claim. According to the National Institute of Health, natural antibodies from Covid-19 infection last at least eight months. The actual antibody lifespan from the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t known because it’s such a new vaccine. Still, claims have been made that it lasts at least six months. If you watch spikes in Covid-19 cases, you’ll find your answer. It’s in front of you, and you don’t have to be a scientist, doctor, or medical professional to see waves on a graph to determine antibody response. Some say that it’s because of masks and social distancing, but it’s not.

The Eviction Moratorium was fun, right? Renters don’t have to pay their landlord rent while they collect unemployment, but where is the funding for the landlord? According to Press Secretary Jen Psaki, that money went out to every state from the American Rescue Plan, but states haven’t distributed the money.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Eviction Moratorium wasn’t constitutional, but Biden doesn’t care. Who thought he would?

It turns out that the CDC is incapable of enacting legislation. Nobody voted for a CDC director, and one will never appear on a ballot, so why did Biden think it’s a good idea? Any time the government steps in to rule over your life or livelihood, it’s an overreach, and most times, it’s unconstitutional. Where’s the impeachment?

Gas prices are over $3 a gallon in most places, and it’s not expected to see them fall. After Continental was hacked and they had their pipelines shut down, they paid $5 million to undo the mess, and that’s only one reason for gas prices skyrocketing. Biden halted the Keystone XL Pipeline and resumed oil imports. Former President Donald Trump made the United States oil independent, and it was working. Gas prices were below $2 a gallon and closer to $1 a gallon in many places.

Biden’s administration and the Democrat party’s spending bills have set the U.S. on a course of inflation that we can’t get off. Trillions of taxpayer money have been proposed and even passed that will affect generations to come and affect all of us now. Biden can sit back and say that taxes won’t rise for anyone making less than $400,000 a year, but businesses are going to raise their prices to keep up with their tax rates. It’s not working.

During the Afghanistan withdrawal, the southern border is wide open. Border Patrol is less capable now than they ever were after the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots when law enforcement across the country left the profession. District courts, police departments, and attorneys have been charging police officers with crimes never committed. Oversight in police departments is a good thing, but what is happening is perception is being taken as reality, and the elements of the crime aren’t met when charging police officers with crimes. The cases are being dismissed, and police officers are tired of being chastised.

On top of that, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are entering our country month by month, which will cause inflation and tax hikes to affect every citizen in this country. The federal government is already bailing the illegal immigrants out by giving them places to stay and money to get by until more permanent solutions can be made available. The Supreme Court also said that Biden has to go back to Donald Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy while immigrants wait for their court date. It seems like a trend for Biden.

Huawei is back and better than before. Trump banned U.S. businesses from exporting goods to the company because Trump was suspicious that the company would use technology from the U.S. and use it against us. Biden seems to think that Huawei deserves a second chance at production and lifted many of Trump’s restrictions on the company.

All of this in 6 months as President of the United States. Who wants to take back their vote?