Handouts To Ukraine Have Gotten Beyond Reason

For the better part of this year, Ukraine has been in conflict with Russia. Here in America, weapons and billions of dollars have been handed over to Ukraine to aid the fight for their country.

Nevertheless, the United States has problems here at home. Growing numbers of people can’t afford to pay their mortgages, purchase groceries, pay for childcare, or even buy necessary medication.

The Biden administration periodically faces questions about its decision to repeatedly funnel money into Ukraine. Weeks ago, the president stated aid to Ukraine would essentially go on for as long as it needs to.

However, this attitude is becoming increasingly problematic for Americans here at home who are barely making it.

A Dire Need to Return to America First
With Joe Biden in power, he is putting America last and the interests of other countries, including enemy regimes like China and Saudi Arabia, first.

Though in the case of Ukraine, the president has handed over at least $13 billion. This comes on top of enormous support in the form of weaponry going to help Ukraine. In spite of this, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is constantly asking for more funding and more weapons.

At some point, America has to say no. As Biden bends over for Ukraine and other countries, struggling U.S. soldiers are being told to go on welfare if their current wages aren’t enough. These soldiers are also being fired because of Biden’s dangerous COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Various GOP lawmakers, like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), acknowledged Ukraine’s plight, yet realistically pointed out that America can’t keep handing over money to Zelenskyy. Unfortunately, with Democrats controlling Congress, sensible warnings from Republicans are falling on deaf ears.

The Only Way Out
Thus far, the current power balance in Congress is why Ukraine is getting billions from the United States as American citizens struggle to make it through the month.

The only way this changes is if Congress stops being controlled by Democrats and is instead led by America First Republicans.

Biden, on his own, will not stand up to Zelenskyy and say the United States has done more than enough. In fact, he’ll continue to give billions more to Ukraine as long as Congress enables him to do so.

This is where the system of checks and balances must come in. Thankfully, Americans will have a chance to stop neverending aid to Ukraine by electing patriotic conservatives during next month’s elections.