Gutfeld: Biden’s Media Honeymoon ‘Over Faster Than Ilhan Omar And Her Brother’

On Tuesday, political pundit Van Jones stated, “The honeymoon is over.” The co-hosts of “The Five” attacked President Biden for his administration’s failings, which even the liberal mainstream media have recognized. As Biden’s poll numbers plummet due to inflation and supply chain disruptions, at least one left-wing voice has gone on the offensive.

On his first full day in office, Van Jones referred to President Joe Biden as a “lame-duck president.” Greg Gutfeld remarked, “This honeymoon ended faster than Ilhan Omar and her brother.” For folks like Van Jones, the real question is, ‘What did you expect?’

According to White House Correspondent John Avlon, the American people are more interested in the specifics of the budget measure than in politics. Perino stated that Americans are being informed that their heating expenses would increase by 53% over last year and that their children will not receive Christmas gifts.

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, reporters’ “holy cows” are denied access and processing. According to Fox News co-host Jesse Watters, Democrats realize President Joe Biden lacks the political skills to extricate himself out of this problem.

On Fox News Channel’s “Madame Tussauds,” Jesse Watters said that far-left progressives did not take over the Democratic Party but by a small group of moderate Democrats who still seek trillion-dollar spending hikes. President Joe Biden, he claimed, was a “Trojan horse” for socialism and was never indeed a moderate.

Joe Biden’s withdrawal from the campaign will be “death by a thousand blows, a thousand slashes,” according to Juan Rivera, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and former White House correspondent. Rivera tracked Biden’s demise from the failed departure of US troops from Afghanistan to his handling of the Libyan situation. The president’s honeymoon with liberal media may be on hold due to his connection with the news media.