Guests At Barack Obama’s Birthday Party Delete Instagram Posts After The Former President Is Seen Dancing At The ‘Epic’ Bash

Following his 60th birthday celebration, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, had a prestigious guest list on Martha’s Vineyard. Beyonce, Jay Z, George Clooney, Oprah, Tom Hanks, and many more were guests. Trap Beckham and his manager TJ Chapman were also named. Over the weekend, Obama was seen dancing his heart out with a microphone in his hand at his birthday party. Many celebrities shared the evening’s highlights on their social media profiles, only to be forced to erase them later.

The trap had also uploaded some videos of his fabulous night at Martha Vineyard on Instagram, enjoying the birthday bash but was later forced to remove those by the Obamas. He seemed pretty disappointed as, in his own words, he did not think they would care. Even his manager, Chapman, stated that it was the party of all parties.

The star-studded birthday bash had glamorous décor, and even though the Obamas declared that the event would be held on a small scale due to the Covid-19 situation. According to reports, even uninviting a few guests before the event, the entire event required nothing less than a $1 million budget. The vast tent arranged at the vineyard following the traffic situation on the roads after the party is proof enough that it was everything but an intimate event. I must say we expected more of the former President. He chose to throw such a massive party amid the Spread of Delta Variant, risking the exposure to the virus to the guests.

The Obama’s attempted to have the entire event hushed down by forcing all the guests to remove all pictures and videos from the night, but as Beckham stated, if any of the videos get leaked, they are bound to get viral.