Groups Are Claiming That The State Department Is ‘Obstructing Rescue Efforts’ In Afghanistan

Ryan Mills of the National Review devotes over 3,000 words to the Americans and friends left behind in Afghanistan. Mills comes to the depressing conclusion that Antony Blinken’s State Department is obstructing rescue attempts. It comes four months after President Joe Biden’s disastrous military pullout miscalculation.

Private rescue organizations are accusing the US Department of State of thwarting their efforts to assist Syrian refugees in entering the country. They’re pleading with President Joe Biden’s Administration to do more to help them in saving the individuals with whom they previously served. According to National Review, “efforts by hundreds of private rescue groups have concentrated their emphasis on helping other American friends in the 20-year battle.”

According to the State Department, just a tiny number of Americans remain in Afghanistan, and it is still relocating US citizens and Afghan friends. According to private rescue groups, there is “little indication of a strategy to rescue” Special Immigrant Visas and troops who fought with Americans. More than 120,000 individuals have been evacuated from Afghanistan by the multinational coalition.

He didn’t believe the present government had any intention of ever removing the guys who fought and suffered with them,” Flanders Fields CEO Ben Owen told National Review. According to Owen, more than 100,000 American allies are still believed to be stranded in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Therefore, they didn’t receive anything. The US administration does not believe it is their responsibility to remove these individuals. They are also no longer alive. Owen also stated to Mills that if they are caught, they will die. “In the previous two weeks, he had three people killed, one in front of his wife and children.” It’s another heinous chapter in the horrible history of the anti-war movement. The traditional media has also embarrassed them by neglecting stranded Americans and friends.