‘Greatest Correction In The History Of Journalism!’: Thanks To Washington Post For Correcting Donald Trump Jr. Speech’s Crowd Chants

Donald Trump Jr. noticed the Washington Post’s correction to a report on what was yelled during a speech he gave in September, and it must have been a difficult one for the WaPo’s liberals to correct. For the first time, a reporter covering a NASCAR race heard the crowd yelling, “Let’s go, Brandon.” Senator Ted Cruz and President-elect Donald Trump both laughed at it.

At a Trump Jr. address in September, a Washington Post piece falsely said that the audience was singing “Let’s go Brandon!” instead of “F*** Joe Biden!” The audience chanted “USA! USA!” and “Have you heard the other one that’s been going around?” at the event.

It is the most significant correction in journalistic history! Thank you, @washingtonpost, for your kind words. On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted. Brandon, let’s go! Trump supporters and other Republicans use it as a meme and chant. During the address in September, the audience chanted, “F*** Joe Biden!”

The song “Let’s Go Brandon” has been viewed over 3.27 million times on YouTube. On October 3rd, it all started with a discussion with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. Against the backdrop of the interview, Brown’s supporters are chanting “F*** Joe Biden.” The song includes an original interview video and a rapper wearing a “Make Music Great Again” baseball cap inspired by Trump.

Even on Capitol Hill, where Rep. Bill Posey closed his address on the House floor with “Let’s go, Brandon!” The term has gained currency. Posey was speaking out against President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” measure. Rump’s Save America PAC has even begun selling a $45 T-shirt with a photo of Biden and the words.

President Joe Biden’s popularity has dropped due to his management of the United States’ exit from Afghanistan and the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. In an interview with a veteran GOP strategist, he remarked, “They want them to help put America back where they found it and leave it the hell alone.”