Gov. Kathy Hochul Latest Dem To Showcase The Mask Caste System

Writing at Twitchy, Greg Pollowitz chronicles the hypocrisy of the office of New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s incessant mask nagging in three tweets.

Tweet number one? “wash your hands” and “wear a mask in indoor public places.”

Tweet number two? “Get vaccinated, get your booster, get tested, and wear a mask.”

Tweet number three? There is a photo of Gov. Hochul not wearing a mask in an indoor public place. (That makes me question if she even washed her hands the last time she used the restroom before the meeting.)

So in the first tweet, the governor of one of the wealthiest and most corrupt states in the world is sending out public service announcements with health guidance to the public like (“wash your hands” and “wear a mask in indoor public places”) as if there’s a deadly pandemic going on.

More and more Americans are siding with the voices of reason in early 2020, who viewed the coronavirus outbreak as a not-unusually-infectious-or-deadly upper respiratory infection on par with the common cold or flu for the vast, vast, vast, overwhelmingly vast majority of people (that’s a very fair and accurate way to assess the CDC’s numbers).

With those who viewed the coronavirus hysterics with increasing suspicion as the alarmists’ claims didn’t add up, and as they did not suit the action to their claims that the coronavirus war was just the latest in US journalists and politicians making mountains out of molehills to give themselves something to do that appears valuable and heroic to audiences and voters.

And in the second tweet featured in the Twitchy article, we have the second unsolicited appeal to New York residents about how to best take care of their health, from someone who might find better things to do if they let go of the great panic of 2020, and stopped letting the newsrooms give her tunnel vision about her state’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and what she can do to tender the most helpful service to the public during her time in her office.

So what do we have in the third tweet?

Last year, a caste system, signified/enforced by face coverings, was invented by Twitter and Instagram people. Dude, count me out of that.

In Saul Alinksy’s seminal work, Rules for Radicals (Hillary Clinton wrote her master’s thesis at Wellesley on Alinksy’s piece, and Barack Obama was trained in community organizing in Chicago by two of Alinsky’s disciples), radicals are encouraged to hold their political enemies’ feet to the fire of their book of rules until they relent in a conflict.

Among other rules like, “A good tactic is one your people enjoy,” Alinsky recommends using your adversary’s arrogance against them.