GOP Supporters of Red Flag Laws Have Been Put on Blast

Red flag laws are one of the favorite components of the gun control movement. Supporters of red flag laws tend to claim they’re commonsense measures that will keep dangerous people from getting ahold of firearms.

However, patriots across the country have very real concerns about these regulations. They rely upon putting control in the hands of the government. Also, depending on their particulars, red flag laws can be exploited by people who have an ax to grind against someone.

This can very well lead to situations where law-abiding Americans are stripped of their rights, all due to the whims of a jealous ex-partner, relative, or someone else.

This is what makes it all the more alarming that some Republican lawmakers have signed onto supporting red flag laws.

GOP members were recently called out for this by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson on GOP Members Backing Red Flag Laws
On Monday, night, Tucker Carlson warned that mass shootings create the perfect storm for Democrats to force through anti-gun laws and otherwise flex their political muscles.

However, a true issue arises when GOP lawmakers join the Democrats in supporting red flag laws and other gun control provisions.

According to Carlson, red flag laws set a dangerous precedent by allowing someone to be stripped of their Second Amendment rights without proof they’ve violated the law.

The Fox News host warned that by this logic, Americans should be shipped off to prison without first being found guilty of a crime.

Later, Carlson went on to name some GOP lawmakers who have backed red flag laws. Sens. Mitt Romney (R-UT), Susan Collins (R-ME), and John Cornyn (R-TX) are just a few examples.

Cornyn, in particular, was slammed by Carlson for echoing left-wing talking points about red flag laws. These talking points assert that red flag laws and other gun control measures are simply “sensible” means of saving lives.

The Real Solution to Prevent Crime
Before Carlson’s Monday night show wrapped up, he laid out a serious solution for pushing back on crime and preventing mass tragedies.

This solution very simply involves upholding existing gun laws against criminals.

In certain cities today, such as Philadelphia, left-wing district attorneys won’t prosecute criminals who are in possession of illegal firearms. However, they’re all for more gun control measures that will inevitably hurt law-abiding Americans.

All the red flag laws in the world will not serve as a substitute for holding criminals accountable for breaking current laws.