GOP Support for Trump Explodes After Unprecedented Raid

Support for former President Donald Trump has hit a record high after the raid on his Florida residence — even as the left tries to spin it into a matter of national security. Politico, no friend of the former president, reports that 58% of GOP voters would choose him in a 2024 presidential primary.

That’s the highest number recorded since the Nov. 2020 presidential election.

The radical left thought they finally had Trump this time. A highly visible and unprecedented raid on his Florida home to take back nuclear secrets and save the Republic would put any presidential aspirations to rest for good.

Only, something funny happened on the way to the dustbin of history. The former president’s supporters do not believe the Biden administration and the media for one moment. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The public remembers the torrential downpour of conspiracy theories the left has thrown at the former president. He was supposed to have colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election. Except that he didn’t.

Recently the media went berserk over accusations that Trump assaulted a Secret Service agent and tried to commandeer the presidential vehicle. But that didn’t happen either.

Now we are to believe that the former President of the United States has been sitting at his Florida home for over 18 months on nuclear secrets. How soon will this fade into the mist along with everything else conjured by the Biden administration and its media partners?

It’s not just conservatives who do not buy the government line that there was no political motivation for the raid. Only 49% of all voters believe the raid was carried out because a crime was committed. And fully 39% say that the raid of a former president’s private home was indeed political.

The American public is not a ship of fools as the leftist media would like for us to believe. The truth is, the days of three major networks and a couple of newspapers dictating the truth to the country are long gone, and the populace is perfectly capable of making up its own mind.

It doesn’t help their credibility when the media dismisses half of the country as dim-witted cultists who can barely spell “MAGA.” Then, in the very next breath, they want to tell you what to think.