GOP Senator Urges Swift Passage Of Israel Aid Bill

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) is urging Senate Democrats to swiftly pass the bipartisan Israel aid bill, which had received resounding support in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives earlier this month.

During a forthcoming speech on Tuesday at 11 a.m., Marshall addressed the pressing issue, emphasizing the urgency of the matter. “Since we were last here, Hamas’ leadership has declared its desire for a permanent state of war with Israel on all the borders,” he highlighted.

The senator’s remarks emphasize the need for timely action: “Time is of the essence. Right now, there are still hundreds of innocent people being held captive by Hamas terrorists, including approximately 10 Americans,” he stated further.

Marshall’s appeal to Senate Democrats is straightforward: “Do the right thing and pass this aid for Israel in their time of need.” 

He went on to argue that it has been over a month since “Hamas’ Army of Terror launched its savage assault on our greatest ally in the Middle East.”

“The House sent us a bipartisan solution that has only been met with obstruction from the Senate Democrats in this Chamber,” he pointed out, warning that this delay raises questions about the United States’ commitment as an ally to Israel and could embolden Hamas terrorists in their violent endeavors.

The senator makes a strong statement: “Mr. President, America is not a fair-weather friend. We must stand unequivocally with Israel and pass this aid today.”

Marshall also criticized Senate Democrats who have attempted to delay the delivery of this vital military assistance. He calls on them to “sit down with a victim of Hamas’ savage attacks” and listen to their stories of terror, emphasizing the seriousness of Hamas’ actions.

He concluded by underlining the urgency of the situation, saying, “I want to make sure it is clear — Hamas’ evil defies all logic, and our hesitation to provide bipartisan funding to our ally is a defiance of commonsense.”

The bipartisan Israel aid bill had passed the House in early November but faced opposition from Senate Democrats, with eight of them voting against it last Tuesday as it made its way through the Senate due to its lack of Ukraine aid, funding to combat China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific and border security funding. 

The National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby, clarified the position of President Biden during a press briefing, stating that the president would veto an Israel-only supplemental package if passed by Congress.