GOP Leaders In Missouri Receive ‘Backlash’ As They Try To ‘Surrender On Redistricting’

Assume you’re the Republican legislative leader in a state that Trump won by 15 points in 2020. Consider that you have a roughly three-to-one edge in both legislative houses. Consider this: “As the Republican leader in this deep red state, you’re up against blue states that are extensively gerrymandering to keep the House of Representatives in 2022.”

In Missouri’s House and Senate districts, politicians have proposed a plan to abolish a Republican member and gain a Democrat one. If you were in charge of redistricting, what would you do? Because the stakes are so great, you’d fight fire with fire.

But several states are refusing to go to the mat to win GOP seats while Democrats gerrymander them. Maryland has presented a 7-1 map, and the one Republican district will now be highly fought. Multiple GOP districts are also being considered for elimination by California’s “independent” commission. One of the worst gerrymanders in US history eliminated two GOP-held districts in Illinois. It is not the time to be kind. There is no need to defend Democrat seats when they may be lost otherwise. They won’t win in 2022 or the long run if they don’t have that deadly instinct.

It would be political suicide for a state like Missouri to not go all-in on redistricting to consolidate a Republican advantage. It isn’t a game, and now isn’t the time to play inside baseball with the other team. To stop the Democrat assault, the GOP needs all hands on deck in every state they govern. Could the GOP, for the love of everything holy, please be wiser than this? It’s not about motivating voters for 2022. It’s about preventing them from winning now.