GoFundMe Is Facing Huge Backlash After Rittenhouse’s Acquittal Despite Damage Control

GoFundMe is now under tremendous backlash after Rittenhouse’s complete acquittal. GoFundMe removed online fundraisers last year for the teen’s legal fees. GoFundMe tried to clarify its terms and services and why it removed the online fundraisers for the legal costs of the teens’ trial. They declared that their terms of service have prohibited raising the money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime.

GoFundMe came under fire for removing the fundraisers for the teen’s trial fees, and now that the trial has proven him not guilty, they are trying to save face. They released a statement saying that Rittenhouse was still under trial when the fundraisers started last year. Obviously, “innocent until proven guilty” does not apply to their policies. They further wrote that once a person charged has been acquitted, any fundraiser starting subsequently for their trial and other expenses would not violate their policy. It sounds more like face-saving than a matter of policy to most people, especially after turning off relies upon their Twitter statement. Maybe they already knew what it would bring.

Twitter is now storming with angry people like Buck Sexton lashing out on GoFundMe for being an aid in destroying a man by stacking the deck against him. Many others are also furious at the company for their pathetic approach to saving their face after showing true colors. People are even questioning the company more strongly now for turning off replies under their Twitter statement. Most people are furious at the company because of their selective policies, as funds being raised for the legal aid of Minnesota protests were not taken down. It seems that they don’t believe in the presumption of innocence and right to counsel.