GoFundMe Hasn’t Shut Down ‘18 Fundraisers’ That Support Crime, Riots, Abortion, And Genital Mutilation

On Friday, GoFundMe stated that it would take millions of dollars from Canadian truckers opposing the country’s forced COVID reaction. Following an outcry, the site declared that contributors refund the money. GoFundMe added, “They now have evidence from law enforcement that the formerly peaceful march has turned into an occupation.”

Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense efforts on GoFundMe were halted after being cleared of all charges in shooting three individuals in self-defense. According to the company, one of GoFundMe’s terms of service “prohibits the advocacy of violence and harassment.” The site has aided some shady left-wing fundraising initiatives, including money for crimes, criminal defense, and the murder of newborns, among other things. Those attempting to shut down the “Freedom Convoy” in Canada use incendiary rhetoric similar to that used to create anger when recounting the event at the US Capitol.

Moreover, a $2,000 reward is being sought for a woman accused of bank robbery during the George Floyd disturbance. After her daughter was jailed for criminal mischief and instigating trouble, her mother raised over $3,000. Three self-described “community activists” have raised almost $10,000 for legal bills on GoFundMe.

GoFundMe has generated about $245,000 for trespassers who took over a Minneapolis hotel and more than $1.4 million for arrestees in Portland, Oregon. Despite the group’s encouragement of violence to the point where Facebook banned it, CrimethInc. Has raised approximately $60,000. After eight “Riot Kitchen” members were jailed near Kenosha, Wisconsin, GoFundMe gave $500 to the Riot Kitchen, a pro-riot food truck.

Furthermore, people can use GoFundMe to raise funds to mutate other people’s bodies. After “5 years of transformation,” a guy named Lena B. is €35,000 in debt and seeking additional money to conclude his surgical torture. Because she “became pregnant after she skipped a couple of tablets,” one lady has raised $460 to obtain an abortion. GoFundMe also assists people in raising funds to murder their undesired children.