Glenn Beck: Biden Will ‘Embolden’ Drug Cartels and Fentanyl Deaths in May

The Blaze founder Glenn Beck and Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn recently discussed the Biden administration’s decisions related to the southern border and Title 42, and the potential impact it will have on the already catastrophic drug crisis.

Fentanyl and the drug cartels that smuggle it into the country have become a significant problem at the southern border, and across the country, especially in recent years as the Biden administration has allowed the border to be overrun.

Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn is all too familiar with the destruction that fentanyl causes.

According to Waybourn, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area alone, narcotics officials have seized enough fentanyl to give almost 800,000 people fatal doses, while on the Texas border, the Department of Public Safety has seized enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in America.

Rough estimates indicate that these seizures are only a third of what gets to the border, while two-thirds of the drug successfully makes it across the border.

The major rise in the prevalence of fentanyl can be partially attributed to how cheap the synthetic heroin is, alongside the fact that it is significantly more addictive than its natural counterpart.

At the start of their discussion about the border crisis and the resulting drug crisis, Glenn Beck brings up the issue of the Biden administration’s decision to revoke Title 42 in May. The Trump-era policy was created during the COVID pandemic to allow border officials to turn away illegal immigrants who attempt to enter the United States from a country where a communicable disease, such as COVID-19, is present.

“This, by the way, is the one thing that has kept the border — I can’t even say halfway sane — not just being overrun all the time, because this was a COVID thing. We gotta make sure that we’re not letting everybody in with diseases,” Beck said, referring to Title 42.

“We’re now talking about the possibility of allowing 16,000 people in every day. That’s a pretty big number,” he added before introducing Sheriff Waybourn onto the show.

“I talked to you at the fundraiser, and we were talking about… fentanyl, and the problems with drugs, and you told me some stories that melted the skin off my face about the amount of fentanyl that is coming in now,” Beck said.

“It is an incredible, copious amount that have came in,” he replied.

“We’re losing, at my last briefing, was about 300 people a day. A jumbo jet a day of people going down, and dying from fentanyl. And often they’re first-time users,” Waybourn added.

“Fentanyl is going to be crack on triple steroids because there’s no room for error,” Waybourn continued. “We believe that four out of 10 pills could be fatal.”

The other issue leading to the massive influx of fentanyl is the ease of its distribution.

Waybourn explained to Beck that officials believe the cartels use major highways to travel to their hubs in Texas, which are Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, then from there they are able to split off across the country.

While some of the fentanyl is said to come directly from China into the U.S., the main path of entry is through the cartel routes in Mexico, taking advantage of America’s wide open southern border. According to Waybourn, the open border has empowered the drug cartels.

With Biden planning to revoke Title 42 in May, many are speaking out in opposition to this move, saying that it would open the border up even more, including Sheriff Waybourn.

“[Title 42] is the last arrow in our quiver,” said Waybourn. “I think that that will embolden them … we will see more dope, more human trafficking, absolutely overwhelming our border counties.”