Gina Raimondo: Biden’s Leadership Has Brought The “Greatest Resurgence In An Economy” Ever

America, you are not to blame for the country’s economic troubles. It’s also not the fault of Joe Biden. Who is the actual criminal? It’s your fault if you think the economy is in bad health, energy costs are skyrocketing, the supply chain issue persists, or millions of employees are set to lose their jobs in 2021.

According to the reports by The Right Scoop, Gina Raimondo claims that the pandemic is to blame for the notion that the economy is failing and the reason why people aren’t feeling this “really robust” economy right now. That’s right, the worldwide epidemic is to blame, according to the President’s Commerce Secretary.

Moreover, Governor Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island claims that her state’s economy has seen an enormous rebound in President Joe Biden’s first year. It is larger than any previous president they are aware of. “All they have to do now is stick with it and keep creating decent employment (the government does not generate jobs) and unsticking the supply chain,” she says.

But why can’t individuals who are relatively educated notice it? Because she’s attempting to sell a load of nonsense. What she believes is how President Biden feels. He devotes far less time polling data than he does to unemployment, earnings, and supply networks. The day before yesterday, he interviewed CEOs and interrogated them (ROFL emoji) on ‘what else can they do’ to move packages. People want to feel it in their lives, and she believes they will in six to twelve months.

Therefore Gina Raimondo stated in May 2021 that the economy would take a “long time” to recover from COVID-19. Now she claims that Biden has presided over the most prominent economic recovery in history, but that people won’t “feel it in their lives” for up to a year? Isn’t it perplexing?