Georgia Restaurant Owner Tells Biden Supporters to Move Along

The owner of the Appalachian Grill in Cartersville, Georgia, placed a sign on the front door of his establishment this week telling potential patrons who support Joe Biden’s economic policies to go elsewhere.

A photo of the sign at the eatery located a few miles northwest of Metropolitan Atlanta quickly went viral on social media.

The sign tells anyone who voted for “Brandon’s Build Back BS” and is not remorseful or regretful should leave, as the restaurant doesn’t want their business. The sign goes on to say that decision has led to costs of goods that have “more than doubled” and a labor force that has been depleted by “more than triple.” The sign says the management does not care to look at such voters and says no other restaurant should either.

Many social media users said they were encouraged to visit the business to support the owner’s sentiments about the Biden administration. Others appeared angered either by the political stance or that ownership spoke its mind at all.

Some users criticized the restaurant’s owner for accepting federal COVID-19 relief by participating in the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). Those criticisms miss the mark by implying that using loans to meet payroll and keep affected workers employed has anything to do with the federal policies that are leading to surging inflation and decreased labor supply.

Growing frustration and anxiety among virtually all working Americans with inflation levels not seen in over four decades have led to grim predictions for Democratic outcomes in this year’s midterm elections.

The Biden White House has most recently used the “Putin Price Hike” talking point as a convenient scapegoat for the economic hardship hammering the country. The theory appears to be that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine had some power to affect the energy supply shortages and skyrocketing prices that began a year earlier under Biden’s watch.

Biden has also laid blame on the “greed” of American corporations that serve consumer needs and the COVID pandemic for high prices and supply chain issues. The administration appears reliant on a compliant corporate media to help it lay blame anywhere but itself.