George Floyd’s 4-Year-Old Niece Was Shot While Sleeping In Her Apartment

A stubborn little devil, the Democratic narrative. Democrats refuse to accept anything that contradicts their narratives, whether facts, logic, science or common sense and reality. Instead, they choose to misrepresent, dismiss, blatantly lie about, or ignore it. The Democratic narrative is based on the facts as Democrats know them.

Isn’t this a perfect example? The life story of George Floyd. Floyd’s four-year-old niece was shot on New Year’s Day while sleeping in her Houston apartment bed, and our story begins there. Three shots were fired into the apartment just before 3 a.m. on Saturday, according to a statement from the police department, which NBC News first reported on Friday. A “delayed response” to the shooting has also prompted an internal investigation by the department.

Police say that Arianna was hit in the torso. According to her parents, they drove her to the hospital, where she had surgery and is now stable. The police department also stated that it has no information on a suspect or motive for the shooting. What a mystery! What if nobody’s talking? “Interesting.”

Derrick Delane, Arianna’s father, spoke to NBC’s Houston affiliate about the harrowing incident: My daughter sprang to her feet and announced that she’d been hit. I grabbed her when I saw the blood and the bleeding. Her recovery is going very well. When I last checked on her, she could still breathe by herself. She seemed to be doing wonderfully.

According to a second statement from Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, the department’s handling of the shooting has been investigated. While tragic shootings like this happen frequently, the fact that this four-year-old is George Floyd’s niece should be newsworthy.