Generals Scramble To Avoid Responsibility For Afghanistan

Each general stated under oath that he had encouraged President Joe Biden to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. It contradicts the president’s claim in August that no one cautioned him against pulling troops out. Congress heard testimony from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, and the commander of US Central Command.

When Joe Biden told George Stephanopoulos that “no one suggested it to me (keep 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan) that I can recall,” he was either lying or senile. Austin shut down the military to filter out fictitious White nationalist terrorism. It’s very conceivable that Milley and McKenzie are just singing the Sondheim song “It’s Biden’s fault!” Milley and McKenzie are such a sleazy, cowardly, and dishonest group of political hacks that, likely, they’re simply singing the Sondheim song “It’s Biden’s fault!”

The retreat was described as a “logistical success but a strategic failure” by Petraeus, who attempted to portray it as a “monumental accomplishment.” General Mike Flynn was fired after advising a Russian politician not to respond to a departing Obama diplomatic snub.

Maj. Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. Mark Milley were the latest in a long line of politicians seeking to blame America’s failure in Afghanistan on someone other than themselves. But why did they agree to a catastrophic scheme that they now say they knew about ahead of time?

Why do the scumbags who squandered American lives in Afghanistan, when confronted by a single Marine lieutenant colonel, send him to a psychiatrist and the brig instead of resigning in shame and maybe committing seppuku, send him to a psychiatrist and the brig? Over 2,400 American troops and 1,800 civilian contractors were killed. Another almost 21,000 Americans were brought home with wounds, some of which were minor, but others of which were so horrific that it’s a marvel they survived. They came home to a life of physical infirmity after leaving America able-bodied.

It was a time when moral bravery was required, and they failed miserably. These moral cowards should be expelled from the service. Meanwhile, these medal-wielding political hacks lounge about saying, “It’s his fault; it’s not my responsibility.” Marsha Blackburn added, “Perhaps we’ll remember you three as the three that broke the military.”