Gas Prices Have Caused a State of Emergency in Kentucky

Throughout the United States, everyday folks are getting eaten alive by high gas prices. Unlike other fees, gas isn’t something that most folks have the luxury of going without.

People are forced to pay the growing costs of gas if they want to have access to transportation. This has created enormous public pressure for the White House to take necessary steps to lower the prices Americans pay at the pumps.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is putting out more rhetoric than action. The president continues to take aim at the energy industry during his speeches and interviews.

However, Biden won’t actively roll back policies like pipeline bans, fracking and drilling prohibitions, or oil and gas lease bans that are making energy costs higher.

As gas prices continue to stand well beyond what Americans can reasonably afford, Kentucky just declared a state of emergency over current gas costs.

What to Know About Kentucky’s State of Emergency
Costs of gas in Kentucky are hovering around $5.00 per gallon. As a result of this, Gov. Andy Beshear (D) put through a state of emergency order.

In doing so, the left-wing governor triggered a law designed to work against price gouging. Beshear then explained with the state of emergency in effect, Kentucky consumers will be able to report gas stations that are price gouging to the state’s attorney general.

This state of emergency does not reduce what Kentuckians are paying when they go to gas stations. Nevertheless, the state’s governor argues that “every bit” makes a difference in helping people who are hurting financially.

Not too long ago, Beshear also put a moratorium on the statewide gas tax, preventing an increase that would have gone into effect on Friday, July 1.

Despite these actions, the Democratic governor maintains that the extent of what he can do about increasing gas rates is limited.

Controversy Over Price Gouging Claims
The premise of Kentucky’s state of emergency has been challenged immensely by oil companies themselves.

Joe Biden has been the main driver of the idea that gas stations are intentionally increasing their prices just to get more money out of consumers. However, energy giants claim otherwise, saying that Biden’s policies on fracking, drilling, and oil have limited production.

To many Americans, the narrative of price gouging is simply a backdoor way for Biden to escape accountability for his role in the current prices of gas.