Frustrated Joe Biden Insists Multi Trillion-Dollar Agenda Is Not Radical

As Democrat infighting halted progress on his planned legislation, President Joe Biden claimed Saturday that his proposed multibillion-dollar spending program was not extreme. According to the report, Biden stated that none of these pieces of legislation are radical or ludicrous when examined separately.

He supports universal pre-kindergarten for all children, subsidized child and elder care, two years of free college, and increased food stamp expenditures. A $1.5 trillion infrastructure program and an entitlement spending measure are both included in the agenda. President Joe Biden wore a full face of make-up as he left the White House for the weekend but pulled down his mask to talk to reporters.

President Joe Biden said he is “going to push like crazy” to get the Senate and House versions of his delayed agenda measures enacted while referring to himself as a third person. Furthermore, he claimed that he’s confident that he’ll be able to do this task. He believes that once the American people understand what’s involved, they’ll be able to get it done. When asked how much time he spends campaigning, he responded, “There were a lot of small things, like storms and floods, and we had little things like that.”

Asked about the House Democrats’ failure to enact his programs, President Joe Biden said that infighting in Washington is “part of being in government, being frustrated.” Biden said he was “not” irritated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s inability to get her agenda passed but conceded that infighting within his party was taking its toll.

Moreover, he said that “If they had two more votes, they could easily pull the moderates and progressives together,” referring to Senators Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin.