Fox Business Guest Says The Left Has Gone Down ‘A Very Dark Path’

Deroy Murdock was a guest on Fox Business Network on Tuesday and broke down the layers of the left’s hatred for Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

Murdock recalled a time when the right and left both valued free speech but noted the undeniable turn that occurred somewhere along the line of history that’s somehow made people forget the importance of sharing ideas freely.

“At some point, the left got off of that highway, went down a very dark path,” he said.
Murdock went on to say that the left is very happy to censor conservatives in a variety of ways such as forbidding conservative speakers at colleges, labeling parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists, and shutting down crucial information — like the Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before the election.

He argues that there is no debate over these topics because the left would rather — and can easily — just shut it down.

Guest host Sean Duffy raised the question of whether liberals are panicked because of the potential for other social platforms to follow the lead of Twitter and allow free speech.

Murdock compared the scenario to the Berlin Wall coming down.

“Some guard went into the field of Hungary, snipped three pieces of wire, and about three months later the Berlin Wall came down. I think that’s exactly what they’re afraid of. If you have free speech on Twitter, pretty soon all the other platforms will let people debate things on both sides of the issue. What a shock would that be.”

The left has been fearful of Musk’s vision for a free speech platform since before he ever took over as the company’s owner. With Musk implying that he’ll be sharing information on Twitter’s past policies that unfairly censored conservatives, the left has gone into a full-blown anti-Elon frenzy.

Musk is said to be disclosing the censorship on the right — that the left vehemently denied was happening — and woke companies are pulling advertisements in droves.

Every day is a new opportunity for the left to find another reason to hate Elon Musk. And every day has gotten a little sweeter for conservatives since Musk has been fighting for free speech.