Former VP Mike Pence Advocates For 15-Week National Abortion Standard

In a recent interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Dana Bash, former Vice President Mike Pence spoke about his pro-life stance and his belief in the need for a national minimum standard for abortion bans in the United States. 

Pence proposed setting this minimum at 15 weeks of pregnancy, sparking a debate within conservative circles.

“I’m #ProLife and I don’t apologize for it,” he asserted proudly. He then went on to highlight his role in an administration that appointed three justices, leading to the landmark Roe v. Wade decision being revisited and leaving the question of abortion to the states and the American people. 

“And I’m going to continue to be a champion for advancing the sanctity of life in every state in this country,” he stated.

“But I do believe that the time has also come for us to establish a minimum national standard of 15 weeks,” he continued.

According to Pence, his proposed timeframe aligns with when a child can feel pain in the womb. For him, it is “an idea whose time has come” as he claims it is supported by “an overwhelming majority of the American people.”

The GOP presidential candidate went as far as vowing to push for this standard if he were to win his White House bid, while still seeking further protections for the unborn at the state level.

Pence took to Twitter to reiterate his stance, saying, “I’m #ProLife and I don’t apologize for it. I do believe the time has come for us to establish a minimum national standard of 15 weeks. I think creating a minimum national standard for when a child is able to feel pain in the womb is an idea whose time has come.”

However, Pence acknowledged that there should be exceptions. He clarified his position, saying, “Look, I’m pro-life, but I have always recognized and accepted abortions in tragic circumstances, rape, incest, the life of the mother.”

He also extended his support for cases where a child’s life was deemed non-viable due to medical complications. “But in cases where it is simply the subjective judgment of a physician or a percentage potential, I always want to err on the side of life. I want to give that unborn child every chance at life,” he asserted.

Earlier this month, Pence spoke to AP News about his stance on the subject as he explained that his view is borne out of a belief that “we got this extraordinary opportunity in the country today to restore the sanctity of life to the center of American law.”

He also recently declared that “every Republican candidate for president should support a ban on abortion before 15 weeks as a minimum nationwide standard.”