Former Transgender Man Condemns Transition Procedures, Calls For Ban 

In a courageous public announcement, a 23-year-old man from the Czech Republic named Daniel Black is sharing his personal journey of de-transitioning and criticizing transgender procedures that have left him devastated. 

Having undergone hormone replacement therapy and a gender-change surgery, Black now firmly believes that these procedures should be prohibited to prevent others from enduring the same hardships he is faced with.

Black’s trans story began at the age of 17 when he underwent hormonal treatments after a brief 30-minute consultation. During this time, he also contemplated surgical removal of his penis, as reported by Daily Mail. 

Two years later, at age 19, he made the life-altering decision to proceed with the surgery, having his penis removed and later obtaining breast implants while undergoing chest muscle reconstruction.

However, the aftermath of these procedures changed Black’s life beyond what he bargained for. 

Expressing his dissatisfaction on Twitter, he wrote, “My life changed in 2019 when my doctors told me that the best way to go is to get my genitals operated. They created a ‘neovagina’ and removed my testicles. The whole experience was horrible and exhausting. I was not able to finish school, and my mental state went from bad to worse.”

“I don’t recommend undergoing this surgery to anyone. It’s mutilation. Men will never be women. Women will never be men,” he stated further.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Black stated, “The surgery destroyed my life. I cannot orgasm, have children, or lead a normal sex life, and I miss my genitals every day.”

Reflecting on his past, Black revealed that bullying during his childhood made him question his sexual orientation and masculinity. However, he now regrets his move having faced the complications arising from the surgery.

Having been rendered incapable of producing testosterone naturally, Black has been reliant on artificial testosterone. He is currently exploring what has been described as an experimental penile surgery as a potential solution to his distress.

Black firmly advocates for a ban on transition surgeries, pointing out that they fail to provide genuine help to individuals suffering from gender dysmorphia and other mental illnesses.

“Transsexuality should be treated with extensive psychotherapy. Doctors never ask their patients why they think they are transgender. In most cases, transsexuals suffer from other mental illnesses like depression, body dysmorphia and often even borderline personality disorder,” he stated.

Black goes on to warn against the dangers of transgenderism, saying, “Children should never be exposed to it, as it only creates confusion and instills doubt regarding their own identities.”

With his story and impassioned plea, Daniel Black aims to “prevent people from undergoing unnecessary transition procedures and extend our support to those who are already grappling with regret.”