Florida Democrats’ Work to Defeat DeSantis is Not Coming Along Well

Florida Democrats have a lot of problems these days. In real time, the Florida Democrat Party is making it their mission to unseat Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

Florida Democratic candidates for governor Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist argue that DeSantis is dangerous and tyrannical. Ironically, a huge factor in DeSantis’ popularity is his consistent stance against tyrannical measures like mask mandates and vaccine passports.

As Democrats in Florida work to regain the governor’s mansion, they’re working to defeat a candidate with a war chest of more than $100 million. In addition to this, DeSantis’ poll numbers are far beyond Fried, Crist, and any other Democrat vying for his job.

Recently, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) inserted herself into the Florida governor’s race. However, in doing this, Pelosi only exposed the many problems the party is facing, as Twitchy confirms.

A Horrible Look for the Florida Democratic Party

Earlier in the week, Pelosi endorsed Crist for Florida governor. She stated his vision and leadership are what Florida needs.

There are many interesting aspects to this. For starters, as a California Democrat, Pelosi’s endorsement went to a former Republican who has claimed to be pro-life and somewhat in favor of guns. Pelosi, by contrast, is pro-abortion and very anti-gun.

Another gripping element is Pelosi’s decision not to endorse Nikki Fried. Like Pelosi, Fried is pro-abortion, anti-gun, and very much against DeSantis. Fried has also never been a Republican, unlike Crist.

Since Pelosi’s endorsement, Fried has taken to her Twitter account to state that she plans to win the Florida Democratic Party’s nomination and face DeSantis in the general election.

Likewise, Fried’s been attacking Crist for his supposedly pro-life and pro-gun views. To say that Florida Democrats are fractured and all over the place would be an understatement.

Good News For the Florida Republican Party

As Florida Democrats battle one another in the primary election, DeSantis is running unopposed in the GOP for re-election.

DeSantis is also able to run on his record. This is a record that involves lowering taxes, standing against mandates, defending parents’ rights in their kids’ education, and more.

In other news, the Florida Republican Party now has more registered voters than its Democratic counterpart. This was not the case in 2018 when DeSantis first became governor.

However, due to how the Florida governor’s run the state, he’s managed to attract enough new residents for Republicans to now have an over 100K voter registration lead over Democrats.