Fetterman’s Wife Shuts Down Reporter’s Question

The wife of senatorial candidate John Fetterman (D-PA) shut down a reporter attempting to ask Fetterman a question during an event on Wednesday.

The couple attended the event to mark the progress on the Fern Hollow Bridge, which collapsed in January. President Joe Biden headlined the Pittsburgh event.

While Fetterman and his wife stood in front of the work site, UNF News reporter Kyle Mazza attempted to ask Fetterman a question.

“Mr. Fetterman, are you satisfied with the progress of the bridge?” Mazza asked.

Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, noticed the reporter right as he began his question, and before Fetterman could answer, she interjected.

“We’re not here to do interviews,” she remarked. “We’re here to celebrate.”

The incident is notable because Fetterman has been under intense scrutiny since suffering a serious stroke just after winning the primary race in May. Though he resumed his duties as lieutenant governor later in the month, he did not campaign at public events for several months.

Fetterman’s absence caused his opponent, Republican Mehmet Oz, to continually question Fetterman’s fitness to serve in office.

Fetterman’s doctor did clear him to resume the campaign trail, but he continues to have trouble understanding auditory speech and speaking correctly.

In a recent interview with Dasha Burns on NBS News, Fetterman used the aid of closed captioning on a computer to understand and reply to Burns’ questions.

Burns later said that “it wasn’t clear he understood what I was saying” when the two exchanged small talk before the interview.

Gisele, who has stepped into the spotlight in her husband’s absence, demanded an apology from Burns to the disabled community.

“I would love to see an apology towards the disability community from her and from her network for the damage they have caused,” she said during a subsequent interview.

During Thursday’s events, Biden delivered a speech and praised Gisele.

“You’re gonna, you’re gonna be a great, a great lady in the Senate,” said Biden.

Biden also touted his infrastructure bill.

“Instead of infrastructure week, which is a punch line for four years under my predecessor, it’s infrastructure decade – a headline on my watch,” Biden bragged.