Families And Friends Of Slain Heroes Express Grief Anger At Biden’s ‘Failure Of Leadership’

Over the weekend, the 13 military men killed by an ISIS-K suicide bomber at Kabul airport were identified and photographed. Friends and relatives have expressed resentment and disappointment at top military officials and President Joe Biden’s leadership failings throughout the upheaval that has put their loved ones in danger. Others chose to be less specific, just expressing their grief at the premature death of a child. All mourn the tragic loss of courageous young Americans who rushed into danger and aided others even in their final hours.

Some voiced displeasure with top-level leadership failings, while others are just mourning the loss of life way too soon. For instance, Kathy McCollum’s son, a Marine lance corporal in his early twenties, was murdered in Afghanistan. His mother slammed President Joe Biden for sending her son to die, calling him a spineless, dementia-ridden piece of garbage.

Moreover, Steve Nikoui said he remained home on Thursday to check on his son Kareem, a Marine Lance Corporal in Kabul. On Thursday night, he was informed that a suicide bomber had assassinated his son. According to Nikoui, the Taliban were outside protecting me while my kid was working as a paper pusher. He stated that the reason behind his son’s murder is America’s military leaders because Biden had turned his back.
As a consequence, the majority of Families placed the blame on Biden and his poor evacuation strategy. They believe that these individuals were slain by ISIS-K solely as a result of Biden’s negligence. Another family member, Lance Cpl. Joyner said that Nicole Gee was just 23 years old when she was murdered in the incident. And this heinous tragedy occurred as a result of the withdrawal being done poorly. Yet, there were veteran military officers present who should have known better.

Therefore, President Biden lacks leadership abilities. Only as a result of his incompetence and a poor evacuation strategy, many families lost loved ones. Additionally, it is thought to have been a logistical as well as tactical planning blunder.