Facebook Employees Getting a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Online censorship has been a major problem for several years now. Despite claims to the contrary, sites like Twitter, Facebook, and others have held conservatives and left-wingers to very different standards.

Multiple conservatives have found themselves silenced or yanked off social media for posting about COVID vaccines or men in women’s sports. However, there are left-wing social media users who called for the death of former President Trump and other patriots with zero consequences.

More often than not, when conservatives point out the issues with unfair online censorship, they’re ignored, dismissed, or even labeled as conspiracy theorists.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, employees of Facebook are now finding themselves on the receiving end of censorship.

A Surprising Crackdown Against Facebook Employees
Meta, the owner of Facebook, has decided to run a tight ship when it comes to what staffers are able to talk about.

A company policy dating back to 2019 states that employees are not allowed to talk about their opinions on abortion, whether they think it’s wrong or right, the politics of abortion, or anything else along these lines.

Meta decided the subject of abortion is simply too much of a hot-button issue. Then, on May 19th, Facebook employees were once reminded to keep quiet about this issue altogether.

The company’s human relations vice president told staffers during a meeting that abortion is a no-go for the company, due to the strong feelings it can inspire in people. Meta explained that even when people are trying to remain respectful of differing opinions on abortion, it can still rub other folks the wrong way.

Naturally, this leaves Facebook employees in a position where they can’t discuss the recent draft leak that may foreshadow a Roe v. Wade overturn.

Pushback From Facebook Employees
Multiple employees are not happy about Meta silencing them about the issue of abortion, especially with Roe v. Wade back in the spotlight.

Some workers within the company made their grievances known by sharing their frustrations during a Meta live stream meeting. However, living up to its policy, Meta simply removed the abortion-related comments that employees placed in the live stream.

News about this has spread on social media with everyday Americans weighing in. Some folks noted the irony of Facebook employees being subjected to the same censorship that everyday users of Big Tech sites have faced.

Others pointed out that censorship was coming full circle and beginning to eat its own.