Exxon Takes Unusual Stand against “Woke” Displays

Exxon Mobil Corp. made an announcement last week that has the “woke” community in an uproar about its failure to adhere to their cultural standards that have been imposed on virtually all large corporations. The company said that it plans to ban LGBTQ flags from the flagpoles outside its headquarters in June, which is observed as “Pride Month.”

The backlash of progressive anger has already begun in response to the announcement.

Exxon said that it has updated its policy on displays at its offices, prohibiting “external position flags.” The ban includes flags displaying Pride, Black Lives Matter, and other logos alongside the company’s trademarked images. The policy does allow a flag display from a LGBTQ employee group that does not feature company logos.

An Exxon LGBT employee group told Bloomberg that the new policy was based on the company’s need to “maintain neutrality.”

Bloomberg cited the recent publicity surrounding Disney’s decision to publicly oppose Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education bill as a contributing factor to Exxon’s flag policy. The Florida legislature and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis responded to that campaign as well as leaked audio of a Disney executive saying she “adds queerness” to content for children as much as possible by revoking the corporation’s self-goverance benefits in the state.

Nate Hochman at National Review noted that the recent entry of large corporations into the American culture wars is a matter of economic incentives. Progressive activists found reliable allies in the corporate media and Big Tech to use the power of the Democratic Party in government to impose “wokeness” on almost all large corporations in a short time.

Disney’s stock price has continued to fall following the enactment of the bill in Florida removing much of its corporate privilege in the state that had protected it from participating in local government and avoiding many ordinary taxes. The company’s stock closed on Friday at $118.27, down nearly 36 percent in the last year and more than 9 percent in the last week alone.

A recent poll shows that almost 69 percent of Americans are “less likely” to spend money on Disney products since the Florida controversy has erupted. The same percentage said that they are likely to choose “family-friendly alternatives” to Disney attractions and products.

Exxon’s decision on flag displays may signal a shift beginning to occur in the corporate wokeness incentive system. The base of ordinary Americans is starting to demand that political leaders take definitive stands in the culture wars. Consumers are demanding that allegedly conservative leaders stand up against corporations, universities, the media, and politicians who have been using government power as a cudgel to impose a far-left progressive ideology into American commerce.