Ex-School Employee Accused Of Assaulting Minor Girl

A former employee of a Las Vegas school has been accused of engaging in a deeply inappropriate relationship with a minor student that lasted for several years. Kaitlin Glover, a 34-year-old who used to work at Mountain View Christian School, is at the center of these distressing allegations, as reported by Fox News earlier this week.

Glover, who previously held the role of athletics and student leadership director at the private school, now faces serious charges that include felony lewdness with a child. Additionally, she is being accused of exploiting her position of authority as a school employee while engaging in a relationship with a student over the age of sixteen.

According to the student, the relationship had already been ongoing since December 2017, extending until September 2021. The initial connection between the two reportedly happened on the social media platform Snapchat and the inappropriate relationship was initiated by Glover.

Details also emerged that Glover went so far as to send explicit images to the student and engaged in sensual acts in the woman’s vehicle on various occasions. What is even more troubling is that the victim refrained from revealing the situation for four long years due to the suspect’s alleged threats of self-harm.

The school’s attorney, Mark Cook, mentioned that school officials were alerted to the allegations by a concerned relative. Glover has not been associated with the school since these accusations came to light, highlighting the seriousness with which the institution is treating this situation.

This incident isn’t isolated, as a recent report by Breitbart News sheds light on a separate case involving a 67-year-old former teacher who was convicted of assaulting a young teenage male student. The assaults took place at a private school in Wisconsin, raising questions about the importance of safeguarding students from those in positions of trust.