Even Hollywood Leftists Are Done With California

The great majority of them are Republicans, middle-class workers yearning for better opportunities. The Hollywood elite is also departing, as seen by the departure of celebrities from the state to Los Angeles and other destinations.

Even in the global capital of fashionable leftism, widespread acceptance of truth is increasing. The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman has an intriguing story on the Hollywood figures departing and why they are doing so. The massive and costly failings of the so-called progressive administration were overlooked in last year’s dispatches from leaving residents and their media interlocutors.

Ryan Kavanaugh grew up in Brentwood, California, and is the founder and CEO of the video-sharing app Triller. Now he’s preparing to pack his belongings and relocate his family and company to Florida. He claims that increased violence, homelessness, and what he sees as anti-business laws in California are pushing him out.

Moreover, even the liberal Beverly Hills city council decided to recall liberal Los Angeles district attorney George Gascón, who is up for re-election and is expected to lose. Murder and highly violent crime have been plaguing Hollywood’s elite, and the perpetrators are the same random criminals that haunt the rest of the city. When crime strikes close to home, it becomes personal, and people respond by fighting or fleeing, like in the case of the Gascón recall.

Furthermore, even Hollywood leftists concede that California’s blue-state policies with Soros DAs have been a nightmare for the state, and they want out. They had previously hummed and hawed about why they were leaving, citing fictitious reasons. They’re finally admitting it: “Even Hollywood is bailing on California now,” says Morgan Freeman. Elon Musk, who has never been known for his conservatism, is becoming increasingly explicit on the issue.

Elon Musk may be a new billionaire, but he’s beginning to acknowledge the flaws of blue state governments. Most of today’s millionaires, who maintain California’s status quo, have existed for at least two decades. Musk, in other words, is on the cutting edge of a movement that recognizes unsustainable issues and seeks to solve them.