Even Democrats Increasingly Worried About Biden’s Mental Health

Democrats increasingly are looking to the White House and wondering if their own leader is mentally fit. A new survey shows that a “significantly high” number of his faithful question if President Joe Biden is fit for office.

Just released Wednesday morning, the data from Issues & Analysis/TIPP shows that 39% of Democrats worry about their president’s mental condition.

Though not a majority, that’s a surprisingly high number.

For those who do not identify as Democrats, the level reaches shocking heights. Fully 82% of Republicans and 56% of independents wonder if the commander in chief is up to the job.

They are not the only ones.

A former White House physician who served under three administrations, Dr. Ronny Jackson, questioned Biden’s mental acuity two full years ago. Almost immediately he received a condescending email from former President Barack Obama.

The Democrats expressed his “disappointment” and declared he “expected better.”

With or without the former president’s approval, most Americans are concerned about Biden’s mental faculties being sharp enough to continue on the job. And while avoiding ageism is noble, it is not for the leader of the free world who mumbles and shakes hands with people who are not there.

Reality tells us that President Biden is 79 years old. By the end of just his first term he will be 82, and a reelection win would make him 86 when he leaves office. That’s a full eight years past the life expectancy for the average American male.

To be clear, Biden keeps a rather impressive schedule of activities, the occasional bike tumble notwithstanding. However, he is not competing in the Senior Olympics, but in a high-stakes real world that does not forgive mistakes no matter the age of the politician.

What was once whispered is now morphing into a collective shout: Is the president too old to run for reelection? And even more importantly, are his mental faculties up for the challenge of the job with the highest stress level on the public stage imaginable? These are worth asking.