Even Black Americans Don’t Like AOC

According to a survey, Black Americans are unimpressed with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Those who understand the political scene are well aware of this, but it is a truth that the progressive population would want to remain under the radar for obvious reasons.

According to the reports, the poll results in which respondents were asked to describe what a prime congressional candidate might look like for members of both parties have been disclosed. Participants were asked if they favored a candidate supported by President Joe Biden or AOC is one of the questions. Those that backed Biden earned 14% more support than others. Contenders who obtained AOC’s endorsement garnered 12% less support than other candidates.

Moreover, contenders supported by Biden received 4% greater support among college-educated whites than other candidates. However, when it came to candidates endorsed by AOC, this group preferred them by 10% less than others. A nod from Biden boosted candidates by 25% among black Democrats, but those who AOC backed earned 24% less support. It becomes significantly worse when the findings are broken down by race.

According to a 2020 Pew study, 81% of black Americans identify as “moderate” or “conservative.” While over 90% of blacks favor Democratic politicians, they do not support extreme Marxist ones. These people openly support far-leftist organizations such as the global Black Lives Matter movement.

Therefore, when confronted with a moderate candidate, such as former Republican Mayor Eric Adams, who is looking to solve high crime rates, they will kick a progressive candidate down the stairs to support that person. Regardless, black people aren’t purchasing what they’re selling. The far-left will almost certainly never win over a sizable proportion of the black electorate. As a result, conservative candidates face only mild opposition. They face an uphill struggle to make gains among black voters. But it’s a war that the GOP can win if it’s ready to play the long game.