Even Al Sharpton Knows Why Democrats Are Losing Black Voters

Speaking with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, host of “Morning Joe,” Al Sharpton discussed why the Democrat Party has been losing black voters.

The conversation began with Scarborough issuing a warning to Democrats in Washington, D.C.

The host told the “white woke leaders” in the nation’s capital that black voters, Hispanic voters and Asian American voters definitely aren’t as radical as they are, especially when it relates to education, crime and “woke issues.”

“I want to talk to you about a real blind spot a lot of Democrats in the beltway, in D.C. have that you don’t and you have been warning about, but let’s say it right here,” Scarborough told Sharpton. “And let me say it slowly for my Democratic friends in Washington, D.C. — black voters are more conservative than you are, white woke leaders in Washington, D.C. Hispanic voters are more conservative than you are, white woke leaders in Washington, D.C. Asian-American voters are more conservative than you are, white woke voters in Washington, D.C. And they’re more conservative on crime. They’re more conservative on education. They’re more conservative on, quote, ‘these woke issues.’ Get off of Twitter.”

“I’m telling you. Rev, if you look at Biden, Biden runs against 15 progressives, Biden is the only moderate, Biden wins,” he continued. “We’ve said it time and time again. Eric Adams runs as a conservative. He wins Brooklyn, he wins the Bronx, he wins Staten Island, surprise, he wins Queens as a conservative, as a centrist Democrat.”

Scarborough then went on to ask Sharpton if he could explain to white woke Democrats that they are “not only losing white dudes in the upper Midwest” but also “losing people of color.”

“They’re losing people of color because they really don’t get the people of color’s life,” Sharpton responded. “If you are living in a city neighborhood that is inundated with crime and you act like that is not an issue, you’ve already lost me. That is an issue. Yes, we must deal with policing, I’ve been out front with that. But you cannot ignore when 12-year-old kids, whose somebody’s niece and neighbor’s kid, get killed and you act like that’s a non-issue because you’re too elitist to live on the ground.”

A recent poll revealed that Scarborough and Sharpton are telling the truth: Democrats really are losing the votes of minorities. The poll showed that Hispanic voters would back a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat candidate by 9%.

Democrats are also losing support from black voters, who favored a Democrat candidate for Congress by 35% in the new poll, which is down from 56 points in November. Republicans have gained a significant amount of support from black voters, rising from 12% in November to 27% in the new poll.