Establishment Targets Sabatini After Joe Kent’s Victory

As easy to predict as the sunrise, establishment forces have now turned their attention to opposing Florida’s truly conservative state Rep. Anthony Sabatini.

Already the powerful failed in their attempt to derail another exciting conservative leader, Washington state’s Green Beret and military hero Joe Kent. The recipient of six bronze stars pulled victory from the jaws of defeat in a spectacular way on primary election night.

In the fight to represent Washington’s 3rd District, an area covering the far southwestern corner of the state, Kent badly trailed pro-impeachment GOP incumbent Jamie Herrera Beutler heading into the final tally. But nothing is over until it’s over, and Kent clawed his way to a narrow win.

In doing so, the Trump-endorsed candidate overcame millions of establishment dollars spent to ensure his defeat. The flow of money came in late enough to be timed to mean donors did not have to expose their identities.

Still, their aims are clear. With the Washington race they used dark money to attack Kent, promote his opponent, and even prop up a straw opponent to Herrera Beutler to try to split the true conservatives.

Now those dollars are headed eastward. Far to the east, in fact, as another grassroots conservative leader, Rep. Sabatini is leading the race for Florida’s open 7th District.

While votes were still being tallied, Kent rushed to spread the warning that the dark money that strove to topple his effort is being sent to head off Sabatini’s charge. The Florida conservative currently leads the field, but the pack of RINOs that charged after Kent is coming after him.

The establishment thought they had chalked up another victory in Washington state, but the people spoke otherwise. Herrera Beutler had a large lead on Kent, but when Trump supporters flooded the polls, that lead withered into nothing and dealt the powerful a well-earned defeat.

Sabatini is another military veteran, like Kent, and is a double threat in being both strongly pro-Trump and pro-DeSantis. It bears watching the very late money flowing in for next week’s primary as the establishment will fight hard to keep another grassroots conservative from dealing another blow.