Eric Trump: ‘Trump Party’ Holds Great Appeal

Appearing on Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance,” Eric Trump discussed the transformation of the GOP, arguing that “there’s no Republican Party. It’s actually the Trump Party” now.

During his interview Monday night, Eric Trump — son of former President Donald Trump and executive vice president of the Trump Organization — asserted that the inflexible days of the Republican Party have finally come to an end.

He went on to point to his father’s endorsement record for Republican candidates — which, at last count, sites at around 176-6, or a 96.7% success rate.

“That’s incredible! No one’s ever had a record like that,” said Eric Trump as he told anecdotal stories of the former president having breakthrough interactions with Latino and black voters over the years, arguing that each group believes in the principles of the “America First” movement.

“My father has literally brought in a whole new party from the RINO [Republican in name only] class of the Republican Party,” he added.

The Trump family is reportedly proud of knocking off establishment, RINO candidates — and is especially happy over the fact that it has ended political dynasties in the political world, regardless of political affiliation, including the Bush family, the Clinton family and, most recently, the Cheney family.

On Tuesday night, RINO Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) — who voted to impeach the former president and allied herself with the Democrats in Congress amid an obviously personal vendetta against Trump — saw a devastating defeat in her primary election. Harriet Hageman, a virtual unknown in national political circles, won the race handily, receiving more than 113,000 votes and beating Cheney by 37.4 percentage points.

Hageman’s victory was due at least in part to a highly motivated endorsement from Trump, who has strived to remove candidates from office who had voted to impeach him in 2021, especially Cheney, who also joined in the Democrats’ highly-partisan House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot.

“Last night, my father killed another political dynasty,” said Eric Trump, adding that his father “has been RINO hunting ever since he entered politics, and he was successful again” in the Wyoming Republican primary.

He went on to note that he cannot give the former president and Hageman all of the credit for Cheney’s devastating loss in the primary — citing the Wyoming congresswoman’s own choices as a major catalyst for her defeat.

Trump asserted that Cheney made a conscious decision to take her constituents for granted. He also noted that she was indifferent about important issues such as record amounts of fentanyl pouring over the border from Mexico, skyrocketing inflation, record-high gas prices, the supply chain crisis, a lagging U.S. economy, the Biden administration’s politicization and weaponization of law enforcement agencies, and the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

Rather than focusing on these major issues which effect the American people, Cheney was fixated on taking down the former president via the January 6 hearings.

“Liz Cheney will not do anything about [the above problems]… And that’s why Wyoming overwhelmingly chose a [virtual unknown] over a political dynasty” in the primary, said Eric Trump.

He went on to comment on Cheney’s comments during her concession speech, in which she compared herself to former President Abraham Lincoln in terms of suffering defeat at the congressional level before going on to win the presidency down the road.

“She’s no Abraham Lincoln… Abraham Lincoln was actually liked by the American people,” Trump stated.

Cheney “got absolutely hammered” by a “political newbie,” he continued, adding, “Name an accomplishment that she had in office. Frankly, I think the RINOs are more dangerous than the Democrats.”