Elon Musk Vows To Review Twitter’s Election Censorship

Last week, business mogul Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter. In doing so, Musk fired the company’s now-former CEO, CFO, and top attorney. He also remains clear that Twitter will embrace free speech and fair content moderation policies while fostering open dialogue for all.

With Musk now owning Twitter, many Americans are questioning whether or not he will take certain steps to right the wrongs of the social media site’s previous owners. One example of this includes Twitter censoring important information regarding US elections.

To this end, the business mogul promises this is something he will take a look at.

The End of Election Censorship on Twitter?
On Saturday, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton drew attention to Twitter flagging a report of ballow harvesting. In pointing this out, Fitton also called for Musk to investigate Twitter’s tendencies to run interference on the left’s behalf during election seasons.

Musk directly responded to Fitton, stating this is a matter he will investigate. In making this promise, the new Twitter owner also said the platform should maintain neutrality and not favor the left or the right.

If Musk is able to stop election censorship on Twitter, this will restore a lot of Americans’ confidence in political races. Already, it is well established that Twitter played a role in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election.

For a repeat version of censorship to be happening during this year’s midterms is especially troubling. Ballot harvesting poses serious problems that should be discussed and investigated without Americans having to worry about online censorship in the process.

More Outrage From the Left
Since Musk finally completed his acquisition of Twitter, the left has gone absolutely nuts. Many Democrats suggested they will no longer use the platform, due to the new ownership.

Others have come out overtly and argued that Twitter should favor the left over the right. Comments like these were tweeted at Musk after he said the social media platform should not have any biases whatsoever.

In many cases, left-wingers who argued for Twitter to favor their side over the right stated that favoritism should occur because the right wing is “fascist.”

If Democrats are truly this unhappy with Twitter moving in the direction of free speech and political neutrality, they are more than capable of creating and using platforms of their own.

This is what conservatives did when Twitter’s previous owners were shutting down right-wing
users without abandon.