Elon Musk Confirms One-Sided Censorship Against Conservatives, Continues To Reinstate Banned Accounts

The Twitterverse sure looks a lot different since 51-year-old, Elon Musk bought the company on Oct. 27. Employees have been fired. Employees have been hired. Employees have been fired and then re-hired.

There seems to be a divide in reaction to the multi-billionaire’s purchase of the social platform. For conservatives, or really anyone who has differing beliefs than the mainstream narratives, it feels like a victory for free speech.

Since Musk’s acquisition, he’s made it a priority to review accounts that had been suspended under the prior ownership and management.

On Nov. 18, he gave some context on how he was handling reinstatements saying the “New Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach”.

Musk has officially reinstated the account of former President Donald Trump, although Trump has not yet returned to the platform despite the push for him to do so. Trump has “truthed”, the equivalent of a tweet on Twitter, that he will be staying on his Truth Social platform that he launched after his Twitter suspension. Supporters of Trump agree that he’s missing a huge opportunity to reach millions who aren’t on Trump’s Truth Social.

Musk has also brought back the accounts of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Kanye West, Jordan Peterson, and Andrew Tate, among others.

Musk’s proclamation of a free-speech Twitter and reinstatement of prominent Republican figures have ruffled the feathers of some left-wing Twitter users, some even to the extent of leaving the platform altogether.

Ironically, Musk himself stated in a response to his tweet on the eve of Election Day that his party affiliation has been Independent with a history of voting entirely Democrat until 2022.

Despite his past voting record, even a Democrat-voting Independent sees the absurdity and hypocrisy of the radical agendas and discriminatory censorship imposed by the Democrats and their left-wing allies.

Musk had a one-word response to author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s tweet on Nov. 21 that confirmed what conservatives have known to be true for years. D’Souza suggested Twitter was (before the acquisition) a one-way censorship tool directed towards only Conservatives. Musk’s response, “Correct”.