Economic Realities Continue To Push Down Hopes And Dreams Of Dems

Rep. Liz Cheney leaked private text conversations between then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and several GOP leaders in an apparent attempt to prevent her from being re-elected. The communications, rather than demonstrating the left’s fevered conspiracy of a deliberate “insurgency,” expressed anxiety and amazement at what was happening. One such letter came from Donald Trump’s son, refuting the notion that it was orchestrated or promoted from the top.

Moreover, Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill, according to a majority of Americans, will either make the economy worse (46 percent) or make no difference (19 percent). In sharp contrast to comments by the media and Democrats, Biden’s plan is universally supported. Perhaps this is true in some isolated regions, but Americans appear to see the forest through the trees.

Inflation is positive, yet 67 percent of Americans think the inflationary boom has caused considerable financial difficulty in the past six months. That’s the death knell for Democrats who intended to divert attention away from the issue and reassure the American public with exaggerated tales of “preserving democracy.”

Inflation has robbed middle-class Americans of a great deal, but Democrats have demonstrated little ability to realize the hole they’ve created for themselves. They appear to be stumbling around in a deluded haze, believing they can break down a masonry wall by slamming their heads against it. While speculating that large meat companies are to blame for rising costs may seem appealing to White House officials, few people are buying it these days.

Therefore, Democrats have lost all hope of regaining control of Congress in the November elections. They won’t be able to undo the economic harm they’ve done in time to rescue their prospects for 2022. Over the next eleven months, public opinion on these problems is unlikely to change drastically.